Friday, September 9, 2011

Fall Art Classes are Scheduled

I hope you are enjoying the summer (finally!) and are getting ready to return to art classes this fall.
Most classes start the week of Sept 19th but check the schedule at to make sure you don't miss any!
We have a brand new class starting on Oct. 6th taught by retired Art Teacher Debbie Aken. Here is a description of the class.
"The drawing class will be an exploration of materials and technique.  The class will include the study of perspective, life study, and creative illustration.  Elements such as line, shape, space, form, value and texture will be explored.  Media will include but not be limited to pencils, charcoal, and ink/washes using a variety of paper types and textures."
In addition to this class is our regular line up of classes. For more information, please go to or give me a call at 541-863-6843. As you know if we don't get enough people registered in classes, UCC will cancel them before they even begin so please sign up early and bring a friend!

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